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Dog Friendly Ireland Day 2022

We want to help make Ireland the best country in the world for dogs and the people who love them, so every year we celebrate Dog Friendly Ireland Day to spread the joy of integrating dogs into more aspects of our lives.

Dog Friendly Ireland Day is happening on Friday, June 24th! This year, as so many people are new to dog ownership - we want to start at the beginning and focus on making dogs happy in their home (and the workplace, if applicable), to make sure they have the fullest life experience paw-sible!

Dogs are social, intelligent and active animals who need to exercise their bodies and brains with safe and suitable activities throughout the day. As their people, it’s up to us to provide those activities. We call this doggie enrichment.

Enrichment is…

A part of your dog’s day where they get to express their doggie nature, work their brain and enjoy themselves. It lets them safely indulge all their favourite doggie behaviours, such as:

  • Playing
  • Digging
  • Chewing
  • Sniffing
  • Getting attention from you
  • Deciding for themselves

It’s also important to remember that enrichment is not a race, a test, a task to keep them ‘busy’ without you, or a substitute for their regular meals (if they’re hungry and it’s too hard, they might get frustrated). You can learn lots more about enrichment here.

To celebrate Dog Friendly Ireland Day, why not try out one of these simple enrichment activities with your dog? Don’t forget to snap a photo or record a video and share it with the hashtag #DogFriendlyIrelandDay

Towel Treats

What you’ll need: An old towel or t-shirt with any elastic removed, kibble/dog treats.

How to do it: Sprinkle some treats on the towel or t-shirt and roll it up. Let your dog work it out!

Cardboard Box Bonanza

What you’ll need: Cardboard boxes of different sizes (remove tape and staples), kibble/dog treats, old wrapping or packing paper.

How to do it: Sprinkle the treats inside the box and loosely close it over, then add more treats to a bigger box and put the smaller box inside. Add scrunched-up paper if you have it. Your dog might need some help figuring out the boxes.

Cocker-Tails and Pupsicles

Want to go all out this Dog Friendly Ireland Day? How about whipping up a dog friendly Pupsicle, Pina Collie-da or a Strawberry Dog-quiri!

What you’ll need: Frozen fruit like banana, mango, watermelon, blueberries, strawberries or pineapple

How to do it: Whizz up the frozen fruit in a blender (you can add a little water of necessary to loosen it) and you’ll have frozen, slushie treat that’s hard to beat! To make it into a pup-sicle, simply freeze it in an ice-pop mould or empty yoghurt pot, with a carrot as the stick.

*Remember to always check with your vet if your dog has any medical issues or if you are not sure what foods are suitable for your dog.

We hope you and your dog have an amazing Dog Friendly Ireland Day this year on Friday, June 24th and please, don’t forget to snap a picture or share a video with hashtag #DogFriendlyIrelandDay to your social media! We’d love to see as many dogs as possible in Ireland living happy, enriched lives! We truly believe this is the first step in ensuring that Ireland becomes the best country in the world for dogs and the people who love them.