Renting with Rover

Doodles from DT Ireland playing in the garden at in his forever home with his adopters

Every week in Dogs Trust we are contacted by dog owners in their desperate search for a dog friendly property. We know that many dog owners are forced to live in unsuitable properties or keep their dogs without consent from their landlord. In some extreme cases, owners are even forced into giving up their dog or else face becoming homeless.

With 49% of households owning at least one dog* and the demand for privately rented accommodation growing year on year, landlords can no longer afford to miss out on this large cohort of the private rented sector. To help encourage landlords and letting agencies to accept dogs and to make the house hunting process a little easier for tenants, we have published our Renting with Rover Guidelines for both renters and landlords and letting agencies.

We don’t expect every landlord to accept every dog but for those that are interested in allowing dogs to stay in their property, our guidelines will highlight the small but effective steps they can put in place to ensure all runs smoothly for landlord, tenant and their dog. Our Renting with Rover guidelines also highlight some of the small but effective steps that renters can take in their search for a dog friendly property.

So, if you are a renter looking for a property to share with your furry family member, or you’re a landlord considering allowing a dog to make your property their home – please download a copy of our Renting with Rover guidelines!

*Amárach Research 2022

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Renting with Rover - A Guide for Tenants
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Renting with Rover - A Guide for Landlords and Letting Agencies