Memorial dog tags

You can leave a lasting tribute to your best friend in our legacy garden.

Dogs Trust Ireland dog memorial tags on dog sculpture in legacy garden

As a Dog Lover, you know the special bond a dog brings to your family. When your faithful friend passes away, it is a devastating experience. And one that those closest to you don't always understand.

At Dogs Trust we understand that when your Best Friend passes away it can lead to feelings of loneliness and grief. Experiencing these feeling is perfectly normal as you bid farewell to the dog who played such a huge role in your daily life.

The Dogs Trust Legacy Garden is a beautiful place where you can go to remember and pay tribute to your best friend. A place where you know you're amongst friends who understand the sadness you're feeling. And it's here that we hand your specially engraved name tag honouring your dog, ensuring their memory can live on.

The tags are a beautiful way to remember a dog that has touched your heart. They can be purchased below and engraved with your dog's name and a special date of your choice.

Your tag will hang on our specially commissioned dog sculpture and pay tribute to the lasting pawprint your Best Friend has left on your heart.

You'll not only be honouring your own dog, you will be helping thousands more to get all the loving care they need.

In return you will receive a special certificate to keep for commemorating your beloved pet in this meaningful way.

And if you know a dog lover who has experienced a loss, you can help them honour their dog too by engraving a special tag on their behalf. We will send them a certificate to let them know you are thinking of them.

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