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Dog Friendly Ireland - Our Aim

According to a recent survey conducted by Dogs Trust, just over 40% of households in Ireland have a dog*. This is much higher than our closest neighbours in the UK, where dog ownership only stands at 24%. But despite this, the UK- along with any more countries across Europe- provides significantly more dog-friendly services and venues, allowing people to include their furry four legged friends in their daily lives. Dogs Trust wants this to change. We want to make Ireland the best country in the world to be a dog and that is why we are launching our Dog Friendly Ireland campaign. This campaign will highlight the small but effective changes that can be made in many different aspects of public life, in an effort to make Ireland more accessible to dogs and their owners.

In 2016, Dogs Trust re-homed 854 dogs in Ireland. We firmly believe this figure could be doubled if Ireland were to become more dog-friendly, as responsible dog owners would be in a position to involve them more in their daily routines. At the moment, restrictions in workplaces, cafes, hotels and on public transport do very little to encourage potential adopters to welcome a furry friend in to their life.

Dogs Trust looks forward to the day when dogs are an accepted passenger on public transport, a welcome visitor in the workplace, and a regular customer in most cafes across the country.

We have loads of ideas in mind to bring this campaign to life so be sure to keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the ground for future events across the country.

*Source: B&A Research 2016