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The Big Paws

Join Us for The Big Paws - A New Unique Experience to Celebrate our Dogs Who Have Sadly Passed Away   

Date: September 30th, 2023

Venue: Malahide Castle, Co. Dublin

Time: From 7:30pm *please check your ticket for your registration time* (admission with tickets only)

What: 3.5km walk through the grounds of Malahide Castle and experience magical light displays highlighting the wonderful bond shared between dogs and their owners. There will be goodies and treats for both dogs and people handed out during the event, as well as live music and plenty of exciting surprises in between.

How: Purchase a ticket today to our Malahide Castle Event and start getting excited to receive your special event pack including ‘The Big Paws’ merchandise, or see other ways you can get involved below.

Join dog lovers all over Ireland on September 30th for “The Big Paws with Dogs Trust”.

Malahide Castle Event   

The Big Paws is not just a walk, it’s a celebration. Join us for an evening filled with lights, live music, and magical moments that honour the special bond we share with our furry friends. Let's create lasting memories as we come together to celebrate the dogs who have brought joy and love into our lives.

To ensure you have plenty of time to savour the experience of The Big Paws and make the most of this special event, we'll be spacing out start times from 7:30pm. *Please check your ticket for your registration time* This means you can arrive, take in the ambiance, and soak up the good vibes without feeling rushed. Whether you want to snap some paw-some pics, enjoy the music, or simply relish the lights and atmosphere, you'll have the freedom to do it all.

Get your tickets and event pack now, while they are still available and join us for an unforgettable evening of togetherness, remembrance, and celebration. *Please note, packs will now be availble for collection at the event and will no longer be posted.*

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Local Events

Dogs are part of our communities. Here's your chance to come together and celebrate that incredible bond of love. Gather your local pack of fellow dog enthusiasts and organise a heartwarming walk in your own community on September 30th. Simply pick a time and location that suits you and spread the word.

Interested in getting involved? Click the button below to get in touch with us or join a community event that is already organised.

Let's make September 30th a day of community, love, and shared memories that will warm our hearts for years to come. We can't wait to hear from you!

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Solo Walkers


If you feel that you are not yet ready to share your grief with others or if you would rather commemorate your four-legged friend on their favourite walking route, you can still take part in The Big Paws with Dogs Trust. Join with Ireland's dog lovers as you walk a route that is special to you. While your pack will arrive after the 30th, we would love if you would still consider taking part and share any photos you take on social media using #TheBigPaws

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