Regional walks

Toy Poodle, outside, in field, at sunset.

Walk with your local community of dog lovers on September 30th

Join a walk that is happening near you! Just click on the town and contact the organiser to book your place.

Dogs are part of our communities. Here's your chance to come together and celebrate that incredible bond of love. Gather your local pack of fellow dog enthusiasts and organise a heart-warming walk in your own community on September 30th. Simply pick a time and location that suits you and spread the word.

Interested in getting involved? Click the button below to get in touch with us or join a community event that is already organised.

Let's make September 30th a day of community, love, and shared memories that will warm our hearts for years to come. We can't wait to hear from you!

Regional walk locations

Listowel, Co. Kerry

Contact Karen on 0866095658

Ashbourne, Co. Meath

Contact Alan on 0876117669

Kilkee, Co. Clare

Cork City, Co. Cork

Contact Ruth on 0879167754 or by email 

Achill Island, Co. Mayo

Contact Helen on 0862712676 or by email

Wicklow, Co. Wicklow

Contact Vidit on 0894312994


Can dogs attend this event?

Please contact your community event organiser to see if your dog can attend this walk with you. They may have limited …

What's in my pack and when will I receive it?

The packs for each event type (National, Regional and Solo) will differ slightly, but each pack contains goodies so …

Can children attend this event?

Please contact the regional event organiser to see if their walk is suitable for children to attend.

How much are tickets to Regional Events?

There are no tickets attached to regional events however we would appreciate a donation to support our work in …

I have signed up to host a regional event, are there posters available to advertise my walk locally?

When you sign up to organise a local event, we will call you to arrange delivery of your pack. This will include …

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