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Had the light of your love not been shining on Rainbow that cold St Patrick’s Day night, she could have died as she’d lived…

… hungry and alone along with the tiny puppies she carried inside her frail body. Thank you for helping to save Rainbow and her pups.

I want to protect helpless puppies and struggling mums like Rainbow

 And… end suffering on Ireland’s Puppy Farms

 Your heart would have broken if you’d looked into Carrie’s mournful eyes the day she arrived to us.

She was petrified.

Carrie cowered at the back of her kennel, trying to make herself as small and invisible as possible — if nobody can see me, nobody can’t hurt me.

You could tell she had never felt a single moment of human kindness in her lonely life. But all that changed with you.

YES! I want to protect mums like Carrie and their precious pups!

The Puppy Protector’s

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Will you help protect precious puppies whose mums are sick, and the little ones who have no mum at all? 

 ❤️ Your €35 gift could help protect a pup from worms.

 ❤️ Your €100 could help vaccinate a litter against deadly diseases.

 ❤️ Give €150 and you could help provide for a week’s worth of special formula to help replace a struggling mother’s milk.

YES! I’ll help answer the cries of the next tiny puppy who needs me!

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