Dogs Trust

Collie Day

Event time: 13 July

Collies aren’t the ideal breed for people who are out at work all day. They get bored easily and need to be kept motivated and entertained. Otherwise they can get into mischief.

With this in mind and given the start in life some of these dogs have had, we are looking for very particular homes for 29 special Collies in our care. 

If the below sounds like your home, we would love to meet you at 12:30 on July 13th:

  • A home located somewhere quiet (many of our collies are noise sensitive). This could be a quiet cul-de-sac or a rural or semi-rural home ideally. Preferably an area that’s not built up with a lot of traffic or near a school for example.
  • Homes with no children or visiting children for these particular dogs (A lot of our Collies are quite worried and nervous).
  • Very few visitors or somewhere the dog can go when visitors come.
  • An enclosed garden.
  • No visual stimuli such as livestock.
  • An area with reduced traffic to walk (away from busy roads) due to their herding nature.
  • You are interested in training/enrichment as Collies are super clever and need their minds as well as their bodies occupied.

You will need time to build up a trusting relationship in our rehoming centre and we may need to bring the dog to you for home visits too. 

As Collies can find kennel life stressful, they may appear a bit boisterous however, you'll see their true personalities away from their kennels!

If your home doesn't sound like the above but you would like to adopt a dog - please see:

We know there is a home out there for every dog, some may take longer than others to find and while they wait, our team love and care for them.