Dogs Trust

Winter Dog Tales Newsletter

Welcome to the winter edition of Dog Tales!

We're so grateful to you for your support of Ireland’s dogs in need. In this edition, you’ll find a selection of stories we wanted to share, to show you the incredible impact your support has had so far this year.

Sasha is our beautiful cover girl for this edition and inside you’ll find some great tips on caring for big dogs like her. We’ve also got a recap of our 2022 highlights and the many dogs saved by your support. One of those is Minnie, who has found her happy ever after thanks to you!

In this edition, you can also read about beautiful Nova, rescued after being thrown out in the cold while heavily pregnant. She was so incredibly skinny; it wasn’t even obvious at first that she was pregnant. But we soon found out she was just days away from giving birth. Shortly after arriving into our care, Nova went into labour.

From there, the journey to keep Nova and her pups alive was a top priority for our canine carers. This little family needed lots of intensive treatment and round-the-clock care. The type of care that simply wouldn’t be possible without your support. Inside, you can read more about how your generosity helped save Nova and her pups.

Unfortunately, when we get a call about an abandoned pregnant dog like Nova, it means we will potentially have up to ten new dogs to find homes for. And right now, Ireland’s abandoned dogs face a devastating rehoming crisis. The situation is made all the worse by the cost-of-living crisis confronting us all. The dogs in our care are not immune: rising bills, the rising cost of vet care and a rising number of surrender requests, your support is needed now more than ever.

We are so grateful to you for your love of dogs and the kindness you continue to show the most vulnerable dogs and puppies across Ireland. Thank you.

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