Dogs Trust

Wacky Wevs

Our goofy Staffie ice-pop eater

This handsome three-year-old boy came into our care in April 2018, having been found wandering the streets by himself. From the beginning, Wevs charmed the team with his personality and potential. He is a playful dog, enjoying fetch and other games, and he loves the company of people. Our Training and Behaviour team could see straight away that Wevs had a very bouncy demeanour and a strong need for human attention. They put a lot of work into helping him to be more relaxed and calmer when he was by himself, and to greet people appropriately. Wevs responded happily – he even developed a 'hello, friend' stretch for new people. He also became a social media star when his puppyish playing and his enthusiastic ice pop demolition were featured in some of our videos.

Wevs needed a specific type of adopter – someone who would be happy to give him extra time and attention to adjust to regular domestic life. After 16 months in our care, the right match was made. His forever family visited the Rehoming Centre regularly over a period of time, building up their relationship with Wevs, all under the guidance of the Training and Behaviour team. Even after Wevs went to his new home for an initial trial, his family kept us in the loop on his progress, until Wevs was ready to live his life as a proper family dog.

Here’s what his family says:

“I can honestly say that taking the time to build a relationship with Wevs during the Rehoming Centre and home visits was really worth it. He had spent a long time in the Rehoming Centre, and he took a while to trust us. But now that he has settled in it’s like he’s always been part of the family. On paper he was not at all what we were looking for, but now we can’t imagine having a different dog. He hasn’t lost his lively, boisterous nature, but he also loves nothing more than cuddles and chilling on his favourite chair. I encourage any potential adopters to have a look at ‘The Underdogs’, they have been waiting the longest for a home and will make you so happy that you gave one of them a chance.”

We’re thrilled to see our goofy Staffie ice-pop eater happy in his Forever Home. The time and support we were able to give Wevs and his new family would not be possible without the support you give to us. So, thank you - you’re our (and Wevs!) heroes.