Dogs Trust

Stormy Weather Advice

A red weather warning is currently in place for Storm Debi ÔÜá­čîž

We've produced the following advice for anyone with any concerns relating to the safety of their dogs:

1.    If the storm disrupts your dog’s exercise routine, activities such as a toy filled with food can help use up some energy playing and ‘exploring’ for food. We have lots of easy rainy day enrichment ideas that your dog might enjoy. Games like this are also a great distraction from any unsettling sounds. If your dog needs to toilet and you are able to head out safely to your garden, please keep your dog on a lead in case there is any damage to your wall, fence or gates and your dog can escape.

2.    Pet owners should know where their pets are at all times. Please ensure your pets are kept indoors during the storm. They may be scared and unsure, and will need reassurance, if they seek it please give it to them.  Dogs have sensitive hearing so the howling wind can be quite overwhelming and worrying for most of them, not to mention the risk of them being injured by debris.

3. Make sure your dog has somewhere safe and cosy to hide. A blanket thrown over a table with their bed underneath creates a cozy den and can help to block out some of the noise. You can also close the curtains, and turn up the radio or TV to help further mask the sound.

4.    If you need someone to care for your dog during the storm, in the first instance try friends and family, otherwise try your local authority. Remember lots of organisations, including local authorities, may be affected and may not be able to offer immediate help.

5.    If you know of any neighbours, relatives or friends who have pets and might be affected then please keep in touch with them.

6.    If you are near an area that may flood, be aware that flood water could contain raw sewage, and might be contaminated. Keep you and your pet out of it as the water could contain toxins, which could be dangerous to your pet if swallowed, and could remain on their coat if not bathed properly.