Dogs Trust

Snow Advice

With snow and freezing temperatures forecast this week, we have some tips to keep your dog safe and happy:

If your dog is willing to go for a walk, take shorter more frequent walks and consider a dog coat to keep him extra cosy.

Keep your dog on a lead if it starts to snow as snow can be disorienting and can affect a dog’s sense of smell, so he could become lost quite easily.

Make sure your dog is microchipped and his chip is registered on a Government approved database and he is also wearing an ID tag in case he does get lost - both are legal requirements for all dogs!

Grit used to melt snow and ice can cut dogs’ paws so make sure to wipe his legs, feet and stomach when you come indoors after a snowy or icy walk. Washing and wiping your dog's feet after walks will also prevent stray lumps of ice getting painfully trapped in his paws.

Be very careful where you store antifreeze as it is highly poisonous but extremely tasty to dogs!

Never leave your dog in a car during extreme weather, be it hot or cold. 

Do not let your dog walk on frozen ponds – the ice may not be thick enough to take his weight.

Make sure your dog has warm bedding and if it gets really cold or your dog is quite young or elderly, consider putting a well wrapped hot water bottle in his bed.

Most importantly, please don’t leave your dog outside, especially in sub-zero conditions.  Every dog, just like every person deserves to be warm, comfortable, snug and cosy!