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Shep went for a sleepover in one of his favourite Canine Carer’s homes!

Grace had this to say about him: “I got to take Shep home for a sleepover. He had a great time and was quick to adjust. 

His favourite thing to do was to play fetch in the back garden, he would happily play all day. He also enjoyed his down time and was happy to be invited up on the couch for a nap. Shep was just as content laying on his bed with a chew and his favourite toys.

He's such a clever boy and did some of his tricks, sit, paw etc. for some treats. 

He got to meet my brother, it did take a little time for him to get comfortable with him but, within a short while, they were good friends! 

We went for a walk (a word he knows well) in the local area and he did great. He's inquisitive so his nose was to the ground for a lot of the time. He didn't seem too fazed by traffic, other dogs etc. Just happy out! 

Shep is looking for an active, adult only home with not too many new people coming and going. He does not enjoy car journeys so, ideally needs a home where he wouldn't need to go in a car too often. He's a fantastic fellow and would make such a great companion.”

Type of home needed

Shep is a beautiful, energetic boy who will need active owners willing to do on-going training with him. He has plenty of personality and will insist on cuddles and attention - once he gets to know you. Like most Collies, he is very clever and loves different games and doggy puzzles. He will make a great agility dog, as he is very active and likes challenges.

Shep is looking for an adult home, where he will be given time to settle in. He probably didn't get too much socialisation as a pup and now he is not too sure how to behave around other dogs, therefore he will be best suited as a single-family pet. Shep will make a wonderful addition to someone who has an interest in positive reward-based training and would like to be involved in dog sports and activities.