Dogs Trust

Rainy Day Enrichment

Does your dog hate the rain and is refusing to go walkies today? Well don’t worry, there are lots of ways you can keep them entertained and active without stepping outside your front door!

Have a treasure hunt!

This is a super simple one. All you have to do is hide some of your dog’s favourite treats in different rooms around the house and see how long is takes them to find them! Don’t be afraid to point them in the right direction to get them started, or if they’re having trouble find the last few.

Make them a Snuffle Mat!

Have a look at our video on how to make a snuffle mat HERE. It’s fun and easy to do and it encourages your dog to sniff and search out hidden treats in the mat.

Play the Yoga Mat Game!

Don’t have the equipment to make a snuffle mat? No problem, you can play the yoga mat (or rolled-up towel) game with your dog instead. Find out how HERE.

Simple Newspaper Enrichment!

This one is really easy, and most people will have newspaper or scrap paper to hand. Make little treat parcels by hiding treats inside the newspaper and scrunching it up. Your dog will love tearing the paper open to get the treats out. Add an extra layer of fun by popping several treat parcels into a cardboard box!


Don’t forget to always keep an eye on your dog while they are enjoying their enrichment game, and always supervise children around dogs.