Dogs Trust

Hot Stormy Weather

Met Eireann have forecast temperatures up to 22 degrees today with the possibility of thunderstorms.

Please see HERE for our hot weather advice to keep your dog cool today.

Pet owners should know where their pets are at all times. Please ensure your pets are kept indoors during any stormy weather. They may be scared and unsure and may need reassurance. Dogs have sensitive hearing so the noise from the thunder can be quite overwhelming and worrying for most of them.

Preparing for stormy weather:

  • Ensure you dog is wearing a collar with an ID tag and his/her microchip details are up to date.
  • Stock up on tasty treats!
  • Prepare long-lasting food-filled toys such as K9 Connectables or Kongs and consider freezing so they last even longer.
  • Enrichment puzzles such as boxes filled with shredded paper and treats, toys and food-filled toys can help keep your dog busy.
  • Consider building a simple den for your dog to hide and feel safe in.
  • Have soothing, rhythmic music playing and gradually increase throughout the day.

During Thunder/Stormy Weather:

  • If your dog needs to toilet and you are able to head out safely to your garden, please keep your dog on a lead in case there is any damage to your wall, fence or gates and your dog can escape.
  • Keep your curtains and windows and doors closed, especially if your dog is fearful of thunder and lightning.
  • If you are near an area that may flood, be aware that flood water could contain raw sewage, and might be contaminated. Keep you and your pet out of it as the water could contain toxins, which could be dangerous to your pet if swallowed, and could remain on their coat if not bathed properly.
  • Comfort your dog, if they seek it but if they choose to remain in their den, that is where they feel safest, so please leave them be.
  • Be very careful if you have to open your front door and make sure there is at least another door closed between your dog and the open door if possible, in case they bolt and escape in panic.