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Help Oreo Find a Foster or Forever Home!

Poor Oreo is finding kennel life very stressful, so we are urgently seeking a foster or permanent home for her.

As a young Collie cross, Oreo absolutely adores being around the people she loves, being active and exploring the great outdoors, so living in a kennel environment is just not for her!

Although shy when meeting new people, once she gets to know you, she will be your friend for life and will follow you everywhere you go.

Due to Oreo’s love of people, she can get very worried when left on her own. For this reason, she is looking for an adopter or fosterer who is going to have lots of time to spend with her and who will also be willing to invest time in training her. She is an active, lively girl who needs plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation to keep her content and happy.

Oreo is adorable in nature and will actively seek affection and try to squeeze herself onto your lap, given half a chance! She will make a wonderful addition to someone who has an interest in positive reward-based training and would maybe like to get involved in dog sports such us agility, scent work, fly ball etc.

Oreo could potentially live with other dogs, pending successful introductions at the centre.

This beautiful lady is looking for an adult only home.

If you’re interested in Oreo, find out more about fostering her or providing her with her forever home.