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Happy Birthday Porkie

Porkie celebrated his third birthday with his favourite Canine Carers. He was born in Dogs Trust and raised with his siblings by his mum and Canine Carers. He was the biggest puppy from his litter and from a young age he has been boisterous and playful and can become overexcited easily. For that reason, it is very important that he finds the right home, as he is a large, strong dog.

Porkie is looking for calm, dog-confident adopters who have a real interest in continuing to work on his impulse control and will enjoy training him.

He is an extremely friendly, endearing, lovable dog and is so entertaining, especially when playing with his toys. Unfortunately, Mr. Porkie has been known to eat some of his toys so he is only allowed the very tough, indestructible variety.

Porkie loves to greet people who stop at his kennel with ‘helicopter tail’ and circles it so much it becomes a blur as he smushes his beautiful face up against the glass to say hello!

The way to Porkie’s heart is definitely through his belly! Although he’s on special food, he absolutely loves it and his favourite thing in the world is when his Canine Carers make him up ‘puzzle boxes’ – lots of cardboard boxes, inside other boxes, in a big cardboard box and sprinkle his food in there for him to find.

Porkie travels well in the car and hops in straight away – especially if the destination is the beach! If Porkie’s potential adopters have another dog, he or she would need to be confident and sensibly playful.

As he has been with us for three years, Porkie’s adopters will need to visit him multiple times at our Rehoming Centre first and expect that it will take him time to fully settle into his new home.

Porkie has so much love to give and he really will make a fantastic addition to an experienced adult-only home, he is a firm favourite amongst the team here in Dogs Trust and we cannot wait to wave him off to start his new life with a family of his own!

Can you make Porkie's birthday wish come through and offer him the home he has longed for?