Dogs Trust

Dolly the Collie

Dolly (or Dolly Collie as we like to call her here!) is a sweet older lady who is finding living in kennels quite stressful.

Dolly has ongoing skin issues which our vet feels may be related to kennel stress, so we are keen to see if this resolves in a home environment, and potential adopters will have any veterinary costs associated with her skin covered by Dogs Trust.

She can be nervous of new people initially, but absolutely loves her human friends at the centre, and is extremely affectionate once you get to know her. She particularly likes a good bum or chin scratch!

Dolly also enjoys the company of quiet dogs here at the centre and will happily potter around with them on her walks, she has also shared her kennel with other dogs, though she does prefer to have treats, toys and attention all to herself!

An active girl, she loves a game of tug or fetch with her human friends, and she will even entertain herself by picking up and playing with toys by herself! However, Dolly also enjoys her comfort and having a cosy bed to curl up in.

To give her time out of her kennel, Dolly is currently spending time in our training team’s office, where she spends most of the day chilling out and relaxing. Sometimes she doesn’t like it when people leave and may jump and paw at the door but settles quickly afterwards and can be found snoozing away when her office buddies return.

Dolly will do best in a relatively quiet, adult only home, where she will be the only pet. She may take a little time to settle properly, however her adopters will have the full support of our Training and Behaviour team, as required, to help her with the transition.

We do ask that any potential adopters come to meet her at the centre a few times to build up a bond with her before she goes home, and we just know that anyone meeting her will fall in love with her sweet and playful personality!