Dogs Trust

Summer Dog Tales Newsletter

Your summer edition of Dog Tales is here!

It comes with a huge thank you for your incredible kindness. As you turn the pages, I hope you’ll find many reasons to feel proud of so generously helping to care for dogs, who don’t have anyone else.

In this edition of Dog Tales, you’ll be able to see some of your favourite past residents enjoying their new homes on page 8 and pick up some tips on using enrichment to enhance your dog’s life on page 11. You can also discover what happened to Moneypenny, M, Majesty, Mini Me, and Mr. Big ­– a litter of abandoned puppies.

A man found the Pomeranian cross pups in his garden early one morning. They were so tiny you could hold one in the palm of your hand with room to spare. They couldn’t have been more than five days old. Their eyes and ears were still closed. They were utterly helpless.

Thankfully, they were brought straight to us and, on page 4, you can read about how your support meant we could fight round-the-clock to save them.

Since the start of the year, we’ve received over 1,300 requests to surrender dogs and puppies. As even more dogs and puppies need help right now, it means so much to be able to count on your kindness – so thank you again for your wonderful generosity.

Dog Tales Summer 2022 PDF 3.88 MB