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Dog Pupsicles

It might not have been particularly sunny today but boy was it humid, so what better way to cool our dogs down than with some tasty dog friendly pupsicles.

What have we put in these tasty treats we hear you ask!


Ripe bananas

Peanut butter (always check its xylitol free as xylitol is toxic for dogs)




Blend the bananas, peanut butter and water to a smoothie texture and then add in some blueberries for a final whizz in the blender.

Add to moulds or empty ice pop holders (we love a bit of recycling) and freeze overnight.

Present to your dog and watch the cuteness unfold and their happy tails wag furiously.

Some of our dogs are on special diets so we added a little water to some special wet food, blended it into a smoothie like texture and froze it overnight too as we didn’t want any of the dogs to feel left out.

Please remember that treats should only be given to your dog occasionally, and if you're feeding the pupsicles shown here to your pet - their normal food intake should be adjusted accordingly.

As always, if you are at all concerned about whether your dog could tolerate the treat shown here – please check with your vet first.

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