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Deaf, blind and toothless... Lemmy needs a home

Bichon Frise, Lemmy, Dogs Trust

Lemmy is a Bichon Frise of approximately 12 years old.

He was brought into Dogs Trust at the beginning of February after being found straying by a member of the public. This poor little guy was dirty, in pain and very hungry.

On examination by our veterinary team here at Dogs Trust, it was discovered that Lemmy was blind and presumed deaf. He was missing all but one of his teeth, and his little tongue hangs from the side of his mouth!

Lemmy was badly matted and very underweight too, both of which are being addressed whilst he is here living with us at Dogs Trust.

Although Lemmy is an older guy, he has plenty of life left in him and we'd LOVE to get him an amazing home to retire to. He'll need a home where the furniture won't be moved around, and his new family will take their time in letting him settle in. Lemmy needs stability above everything else.

If you think you can offer Lemmy his forever home, please get in touch! Dogs Trust will offer full support in taking care of Lemmy's medical needs for the duration of his life.