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Beuller, Jamie and Petra adoption update!

Finding Forever Homes has always been our number one priority. Since COVID19, we have had to adapt and change our adoption processes, but we never stopped! Thanks to your continued support during this difficult time, over 360 dogs have found loving new homes this year.

Beuller, Jamie and Petra and are just three lives that have been transformed because of your kindness. Here’s a little update on this trio and the difference our amazing supporters have made to their lives:

Beautiful Beuller
When Beuller first came to Dogs Trust he was very underweight and his coat was dirty and dull. X- rays also revealed the poor boy had painful spondylosis - arthritis in his spine. Beuller was an extremely nervous boy and struggled in his new surroundings. It took a month of training, trust building and treats just to get a collar on the worried soul. We don’t know what happened to Beuller before he came into our care but his behaviour would indicate that he wasn’t treated very well. Despite this, Beuller’s resilience shone through and eventually his goofball personality started to slowly emerge. He craved affection and just wanted to be loved like he so deserved.
We are delighted to let you know that Bueller was adopted in April and that’s exactly what he has now. This photo says it all!

Gentle Jamie
Jamie came into our care very nervous and worried by the world around him. With a gentle approach, Jamie started to come out of his shell and he then met David and Martin and their two dogs, Peanut and Max! Jamie met them five times to help build up his confidence before he was ready and welcomed with open arms to his new Forever Home. With the help of his new brothers and amazing adopters, he is slowly learning the ins and outs of living in a house and realising the world isn’t such a scary place. He now spends his days watching TV, playing with his toys and getting cuddles galore!

Pretty Petra
Petra, a gorgeous Husky cross, arrived at Dogs Trust last year heavily pregnant. She was an extremely nervous girl and very fearful of men. Thanks to your support, we were able to house Petra in our special ‘Mutt-ernity Wing’ where she went on to give birth to eight healthy puppies. In a safe, warm environment Petra and her pups thrived. All eight pups quickly found loving Forever Homes. Petra had to wait a little longer but was adopted this year by an amazing family and it was definitely worth the wait! She is coming on in leaps and bounds and her new owners report that she is such a happy girl now and absolutely loves spending time in the garden. Here she is enjoying the sun and a doggy frozen yoghurt treat!

These are just some of the hundreds of happy tales that our supporters made possible. We cannot thank them enough for their continued support. With them by our side, we know we can find hundreds more Forever Homes for dogs just like Bueller, Jamie and Petra in 2020.