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Arthur is looking for his Special Someone!

Meet Arthur, our six-year-old, busy, go-getter Springer Spaniel. He is one of our very special dogs here at the Rehoming Centre and we are hoping to find an equally special home for him. Although he is a little more mature in age, he is a smashing dog with bundles of energy-so he will need a family who can keep up with him!

Due to his larger than life energy, he has struggled to find the right home. His “seize the day” attitude means that Arthur can find it difficult to settle and relax, particularly in new places. In saying this, given some time to settle in, he will make a wonderful addition to the family.

Arthur’s favourite thing in life is his tennis balls and his new family will never get bored playing ball with him… that we can guarantee. Arthur is such a keen ball sports enthusiast that he can sometimes find it hard to give them back, which his perfect family will need to continue helping him with. If you’re looking for a bouncy boy to keep you on your toes and feel you could give Arthur the home he is looking for, please read over his likes and dislikes and get in touch with our Rehoming Team if it’s a match. 


Arthur’s requirements include: 

*A dedicated family who will be willing to working with the team here to help him settle

*Learning to manage his love of tennis balls (as sometimes he loves them too much) and willing to play fetch and use safe swaps for days on end. 🙈 

*Willing to meet Arthur multiple times both here at the centre and have him visit your home to set him up for success. 

*Ideally located within 45 minutes of the centre as Arthur isn’t fond of car journeys. 

*Willing to take on a dog with some medical requirements

*A quiet area with access to secluded/rural walkies would be best suited as Arthur can struggle with busy environments. 

Above all, Arthur will need a patient home with lots of time and love to give him – particularly as he adapts to all the new changes his new home will bring. If you feel you can offer Arthur the home he truly deserves, then please call us on 01-879-1000 (Option 2)