Dogs Trust

2020 General Election

We are asking all General Election candidates to pledge that they will support the improvement and proper enforcement of dog welfare in Ireland.

We are asking candidates to commit to working towards the eradication of puppy farms in Ireland through increased resources to detect unscrupulous breeders and to enforce licensed dog breeding establishment rules.  

We are also asking candidates to commit to the improvement of greyhound welfare with the effective and swift implementation of the Greyhound Industry Act 2019, as matter of priority. In parallel with this work, commit to a ban on the export of greyhounds to jurisdictions that cannot prove an acceptable level of welfare standards.

Executive Director of Dogs Trust Ireland, Becky Bristow said: “Notwithstanding the progress that has been made by the Government in terms of advancing certain aspects of dog safety, health and welfare, we believe there is much that still needs to be done. With the General Election in full swing, we are asking all candidates to consider the commitment to overcome the key stumbling blocks still holding back dog welfare in Ireland”.

Candidates, please show your support by tweeting:

I pledge to support improving dog welfare policy in Ireland - working to eradicate puppy farms through increased resources for enforcement and the full implementation of new greyhound welfare rules. #GE2020 @DogsTrust_IE

Voters, please show your support by tweeting (with the below image):

I pledge to ask #GE2020 candidates about the improvement and proper enforcement of dog welfare in Ireland! @DogsTrust_IE