The Wag that Spoke a Thousand Words…

Black Labrador, Daisy, lying down with sad eyes in kennel
17th June 2024
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Summer Dog Tales 2024 Newsletter

Thunk, thunk, thunk… even after all the horror Daisy endured, and as weak as she was, she summoned the strength to wag her tail. Because in that moment, Daisy knew she was safe. This is how your kindness saved Daisy, her pups, and two more little families…

3 nursing mums, 13 tiny pups between them. Locked up, starving and living in filth. Had help arrived even a day later, it might've been too late.

As one of the only places in Ireland with a specialist maternity unit, a local authority pound called us. We were full. But this was a matter of life and death.

Thankfully, we managed to make space, and the mums and pups were rushed here into your protection.

Three dog mums in need of care on the day they arrived at Dogs Trust

A day of miracles...

"Daisy was a skeleton," says Karen, our resident puppy rearer. "Mange on half her body, and infected eyes sunken into her sockets through starvation."

Your tears would have fallen with ours that day. But for Daisy, Betty, Sadhbh, and their pups, it was a day of miracles — fresh water, clean blankets, soothing medicated baths, good food, and gentle hands giving tender care — these are the lifesaving gifts you give.

To take the pressure off the emaciated mums, their pups were bottle-fed round-the-clock. Daisy, Betty, and Sadhbh were fed nutrient-dense meals, little and often. “Daisy didn’t get up for the first two days, but her tail was going the whole time,” says Karen. 

Daisy knew she was safe, she could feel it… that’s when her tail started wagging. It was like she was saying — thank you.

Karen, Puppy Rearer

Daisy recovered from mange and neglect, enjoying a walk with her canine carer.

Love lost and found

When Daisy went into the field for the first time, she found a ball. "She dropped it at my feet, asking me to throw it," says Karen. "It crushed me because I realised Daisy maybe once had someone who loved and played ball with her".

We'll never know how things took such a dark turn for Daisy. But because of you, there's only love ahead...

After months of rehabilitation and a lot of love, all three mums and their pups found the forever families of their dreams, thanks to you!

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And neglect, you’ll see, can sometimes be as bad as outright cruelty. 

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Summer Dog Tales 2024 Newsletter

Thank you

For being a defender and protector of Ireland's most neglected dogs... thank you.

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