A New Leaf for Little Acorn

Before and after image of Acorn
18th June 2024
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Summer Dog Tales 2024 Newsletter

Abandoned, barely able to walk, Acorn found himself trapped in his own body.

For many dogs who come into our care, yours is the first human kindness they’ve ever felt. 

But not for Acorn…

A fragment of a toy buried deep in his clumps of matted fur told of long ago love — we believe someone may once have cared enough to play with him. So what on earth happened? 

A dog toy found in dog's fur coat

All we know is that somehow, Acorn’s fluffy white fur got so tangled he became trapped in his own body.

It hurts your heart to imagine Acorn blindly shuffling the streets. By the time your love led him to Dogs Trust, he could barely move a muscle without pain.

Acorn with matted fur before he was groomed

“Desperate for love…”

It took almost an hour to shave off an entire kilo of fur, but beneath the tangles, the sweetest little face emerged. Acorn could finally see the world around him, filled with kind faces and gentle hands like yours. “He was desperate for love and affection,” says Niamh, Veterinary and Welfare Manager. 

You should have seen Acorn in the days after we shaved him. He was so happy to be free — to run and jump and play and roll in the grass. He was bouncing around like a bunny on his birthday! 

But thanks to you, the best was still to come for this little Acorn… 

Because of your kindness, Acorn’s forever family found him — beautiful dog lovers like yourself who love every little hair on Acorn’s head and always will.

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So many of the dogs you’ll meet in this issue of Dog Tales are victims of neglect. 

And neglect, you’ll see, can sometimes be as bad as outright cruelty. 

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Summer Dog Tales 2024 Newsletter

Thank you

For setting Acorn free, and for giving him a second chance to be loved like every dog deserves.

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