Dogs Trust

Franko (formerly Franko) from Dublin

We decided last year to give a little pup from Dogs Trust a chance so off we went to meet Franko or Frankle as he was called then. Franko was so nervous when we first met that he barely came near us, but we knew that he just needed someone to give him a chance and give him a little time. The staff on the day and when we came home were so brilliant and supportive that we just can't thank them enough. Franko has blossomed with us so much that we think of him as a Dogs Trust Ambassador. He's our little Collie-flower who repays our love every day with hours and hours of fun and love. Sometimes shoes and socks go missing in our house and arrive in his little dog bed. We like to think that he has an alias, "The Black Stiletto" (after one of my shoes that vanished and reappeared in the garden). Franko has shown us that adopting a dog is a tough but wonderful experience where the rewards far outstrip the effort. I will always look to adopt a dog from now on because in a horrible, dark and mean world I've got my very own Franko sized ray of light that makes the world just a little brighter. A snuggle from Franko (which there a loads of) shows that there is nothing more sustaining in life than the milk of human kindness.