Dogs Trust

Melbourne from Dublin

We adopted Melbourne from the Dog’s Trust three years ago this month. What can we say, other than this adorable little guy has brought huge joy to both our lives. We can’t remember what life was like before he came to live with us, and going for walks are a whole new experience for us when you see the amount of joy Melbourne gets from sniffing about or playing hide’n’seek in the trees. When Melbourne first came to live with us he had a bit of a fear of water, he wouldn’t go near it let alone swim in it. But after a lot of gentle encouragement – including us running in the sea like idiots and ample offerings of roast chicken – now he can’t get enough of it. He spends most of his time on our walks to our local beach splashing through the waves, or swimming in the river that runs through our local park, and it’s great to see him now enjoying water so much. Anyone who thinks dogs haven’t got a sense of humour have never seen Melbourne’s “I-have-your-show-now-chase-me” game which amuses him endlessly. After an evening walk galloping through the local park’s long grass (second favourite thing to run in after the sea), Melbourne’s favourite pastime is chilling with us on the couch watching anything the Animal Planet channel has to offer, especially by way of horses, big cats or small chirping birds. There is just nothing better than rubbing his soft ears while he snoozes on the couch beside us in the evening. So, yes, we’ve turned him into a telly-addicted couch-potato, but at least what he watches is educational. I know many people who go to the Dog’s Trust might be tempted to walk past the older dogs to get straight to the puppies, but we couldn’t recommend an older dog more highly. Yes, they’re not cute puppies, but adopting them is an incredibly rewarding experience, and we know it has changed Melbourne’s life immeasurably for the better, and he has done the same for us. After ten months in the Dog’s Trust, Melbourne clearly wanted a new pack to call his own, and we were just glad it turned out to be us that were the ones he bonded with. And how could you not? His furry face is just adorable.