Dogs Trust

Django from Dublin

Django caught my eye the moment we walked into the rehoming centre. Because he had only arrived two days beforehand, he didn't have a description or picture beside him yet. I asked about him and found out that he had been surrendered to dogs trust as his owners had to move to somewhere they couldn't keep dogs. He was home with us within days, and things were quite difficult at first. He had no recall, but loved to run around so would go to the field next door to our house and would be really hard to catch him and bring him back. I worked with the behaviourist from dogs trust and she really helped a lot with training tips which got us well on our way. He now has a perfect recall. Django was also terrified of the car. Every time he got in he would be sick or get very anxious and upset. So I started to take him for two minute drives near our house and then three minutes, four, and so on until we could be in the car for half an hour without him being sick. So now we take him to the Hill of Tara, Balrath woods, the canal, the beach, all the time and he adores it, especially the beach. He even went with us in the car to Waterford on holiday with absolutely no problems!! Now that he's settled down and has had some more training, Django is an absolutely irreplaceable part of our home. We host guests in our home on a regular basis and he is always the darling of their trip with many of them writing to me afterwards to ask how he is or ask for a photo of what he's been up to. He's the happiest and best part of being home, and he's absolutely cherished. Thanks dogs trust!!