Dogs Trust

Líadh from Dublin

Hi! My name is Líadh. That's me in the middle of the other dogs (the black and tan husky-lurcher cross). I was two years old in October and that's me looking at my birthday omelette, showing my carers that I have patience around food. At Dogs Trust, my name was Tabby, I was a very nervous pup when they rescued me. My litter mates and I had a very bad time at the start. But I live now with a family of humans and my three canine buddies, Jess, Duncan and Cara. When I arrived first, I didn't really know how to behave indoors, I was very afraid and ALWAYS hungry. I stole every piece of food that wasn’t nailed down and I chewed everything I could to help me cope!!! I'm still a bit nervous in new situations, but once they give me treats, I can sit and lie down when they ask. That seems to keep the humans very happy. Thank you to Dogs Trust for rescuing me. I'm much happier now in my forever home.