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Emergency Foster Appeal

Thank you for so much for your interest in helping us during this crisis. We have been so touched by the response of our supporters like you who are reaching out to assist us and our wonderful doggies at this time. Please note that we are experiencing a high volume of enquiries at the moment, so please accept our apologies for any delay in responding.

Are you able to help us as an Emergency Fosterer?

The first step is to get you to fill in our application form below, which gives us a bit more information about your home environment.

We will then match your criteria to the dogs in our care. If we haven't got a match for you at the moment, we will keep your details on file and may contact you when a suitable dog comes into our care. If you would prefer us not to do this, please let us know.  

Along with the completed form, we would be grateful if you could send in photos of your garden/balcony area (if you have one, and the room indoors where the dog would be sleeping.

If you have your own dogs, we may need a copy of their up to date vaccination record also, if you have this you can send us a photo with the form.

As we are receiving more emails than usual, we would be very grateful to help our fostering team, if you could please title your email as follows: Foster/adopt-Puppy/adult-Location. For example: Adopt-Adult-Maynooth

Please bear with us if there is a delay in responding to your application, as a charity with limited resources we will try to get back to everyone as quickly as possible, but this make take a few days.

As we are closed to the public we will be running fosterer information talks online.

Other ways you can help

Thanks again for your continued support. In this unprecedented time of need, we need your support now more than ever to help us care for our dogs. We would be delighted if you would consider supporting our ongoing life-saving work by making a donation here or by sponsoring a dog

Our ‘Home from Home’ foster programme seeks temporary homes for our most vulnerable dogs.

Sometimes we encounter dogs, who might not be suitable to live in a kennel environment, and would benefit greatly from the foster programme. These may include older dogs, injured or unwell dogs, puppies or dogs who may be finding kennel life a little overwhelming.

Fostering a dog not only gives invaluable experience in caring for a dog but it plays a fundamental role in helping the most vulnerable dogs get back on their paws and have a better chance of finding their forever home, which is an incredibly rewarding experience for any dog lover.

Fosterers not only help by taking a vulnerable dog into their home and caring for them, but this also frees up space in our Rehoming Centre so that we can save the life of another dog!

Foster Carers receive support and advice regarding the dog in their care.

Dogs Trust places a huge importance on matching the right dog to the right home environment to ensure the best experience for both the foster carer and the foster dog.

Aideen, a Dogs Trust foster carer has shared her journey with Matteo in the below video since signing up to the programme. It takes an incredibly special and selfless person to foster; someone who puts the dog’s needs ahead of their own and is truly committed and compassionate about caring for a dog in need - please take a look:


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