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Find out how rehoming from us works and how to get started finding your perfect match.

Every dogs’ country of origin is Ireland unless stated in their adoption profile.

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How rehoming works

To start the rehoming process for adopting a dog based in our Dublin rehoming centre, please complete our Adoption Application form by clicking HERE. If you are interested in adopting a dog located outside of Dublin, please click HERE for our Regional Rehoming process. Please find information below about what to expect during the rehoming process.

  1. Our Dublin rehoming centre is open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 1-3pm. Outside of these hours, we operate on an appointment-only basis for potential adopters.
  2. Making Plans - If you are hoping to welcome a dog into your life, please plan ahead and ensure that a dog will fit into your lifestyle long-term. You can take our ‘Are you dog ready’ quiz HERE.
  3. Get in Touch - Please complete a adoption application to start the process. If you are hoping to adopt a dog located outside of Dublin, in our Regional Rehoming Programme, please click HERE.
  4. The Waiting Game - Please bear in mind, if you are looking for a very specific breed, size or temperament, or have a very busy household, it may take longer for us to find your perfect match. Many of the dogs in our care may have had a difficult start in life, or have specific medical or behavioural needs, and need a quieter household or one with no other pets. We try to match each dog with a family where we think they will have the best chance of success.
  5. Puppies - If you are hoping to adopt a puppy, please note that we don’t usually post puppies for rehoming on our website.
  6. Virtual Home Visit – We ask you to send a quick video or pictures of your home and outdoor spaces to make sure everything is suitable and secure for your new dog. If we need more information, we’ll get in touch. Please note that if you are renting, don’t have a private or secure garden, or are working full time, these are not barriers to adopting a dog from us. There are some dogs however, that might not suit these situations.
  7. Pre-Adoption Talk – You can attend our pre-adopting talk online from the comfort and safety of your own home. You’ll get a chance to ask questions of our team member and find out more about how to help your new dog settle in.
  8. First Date – Depending on your new dog’s needs, we’ll sometimes arrange for you to meet them before they come home and get to know them a little better. For some of our more worried dogs, see HERE. You may need to meet them multiple times before they join you at home.
  9. Happy Life – You are welcome to get in touch with our team for advice and support at any stage following adoption and we love to hear how our former residents are getting on! We now also offer fun, affordable, online Dog School training classes HERE, where you can learn how to set your new dog up for success by teaching them valuable life skills.