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Dogs Trust Dog School are now offering online classes!

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic we are unable to hold classes our Rehoming Centre, but we are now inviting you to take part in our online training courses!

Dogs Trust care for hundreds of dogs every year – but we are increasingly aware that dogs are surrendered because they have developed behaviours their owners find difficult to live with.

Dogs Trust Dog School’s experienced trainers aim to provide high quality, welfare friendly advice on dog training and behaviour during our fun, educational classes. We want to help dog owners to form a life-long bond with their dogs, have a good understanding of the behaviour of their dog and avoid the common pitfalls that can lead to problem behaviours.

Read on to find out what makes Dog School so unique and find out how to Register  

What is different about Dog School?

Dogs Trust Dog School is different from other dog training classes you may have been to. We are passionate about dog behaviour and want to help you teach your puppy or dog to fit happily into your family life. That means doing some basic training. Of course – your dog needs to learn to sit when asked, walk with you on a loose lead and come back when you call. But that isn’t all. At Dog School, we also help your dog learn how to behave in everyday situations, such as when you pass other dogs, stop to talk to people in the street, or need him to settle down when you are busy. Dog School is also about making sure you develop a strong bond with your dog, understand his or her behaviour and know how to react when things don’t go according to plan. We set up the classes to make you and your dog feel as relaxed and confident as possible, so you can both make the most of all the new information and experiences that you will have with us at Dogs Trust Dog School Ireland.

  • Experienced trainers waiting to help you and your dog!
  • Fun classes set up to make you and your dog feel relaxed and able to learn!
  • Class content developed through up-to-date dog science!
  • Positive reward-based training - we teach you why and how!
  • Lots of information to help you understand your dog and prevent future problems!
  • Focus on building a positive bond and helping your dog learn how to learn!

Lesson plans

Cost €50*

Our online training option is a 7-week course, with one class a week. The group training course costs €50 per person and will take place via zoom. Private sessions are also available if you prefer a more personalised experience so please enquire with our team if you would like one-to-one time with a trainer.  

Dogs Trust Dog School classes are unique in that they combine some training skills with exercises to prepare your dog for everyday life - plus we give you lots of information to help you understand your pooch and avoid common behavioural issues.

We offer classes for puppies (up to 18 weeks of age), adolescent dogs, rescue dogs and adult dogs. Each class has at least two trainers and a maximum of six dogs, so you will be sure to get lots of individual help and support! When you book into Dog School, you will be invited to come along to an introductory session without your puppy or dog. This session is completely free and will introduce you to some of the important principles that make Dog School unique and prepare you to get started on classes! Check the lesson plans and get signed up with Dog School.


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