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About Andromeda

2 to 5 Years

About me

I wish I could tell you why I am so nervous, but Im not able to do that. I can tell you that I really love the company of people I know well, as long as they let me just hang out and be near them and not try to crowd me or touch me. Ive come a long way with people, and I know I could settle happily in a home of my own where theres a comfy bed and nice treats, but no handling, please!

Type of home needed

need a special home with just adults. Ideally you should understand nervous dogs, and also dogs who have tricks for getting extra grub, like counter surfing when we think youre not looking. We will need to be a small family, please, because of my worries about people. I dont do walks, so I will need a decent-sized, secure garden where I can get some fresh air and some exercise. Most importantly, I need you to be patient with me in building up a relationship. It will be worth it in the end, because I really am a sweetheart.

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