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Although, our Rehoming Centre is temporarily closed to the public, our dogs are still in need of loving homes. If you email our Rehoming Team via [email protected] they will be able to send you a rehoming questionnaire to start the process of adoption! Please note that our emails are very busy at the moment, so there may be a delay in responding.



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About Bruno

Terrier Cross
2 to 5 Years

About me

Bruno is a sweet little chap who is quite shy around new people and can be conflicted by handling even with people he knows. With a calm, gentle and patient approach he will seek interaction on his own terms

Type of home needed

Bruno is looking for a quiet, adult only home where there are not too many visitors as he is easily spooked by sudden noises and people he doesn't know. He will need an experienced dog owner who will continue his training to help him build confidence with handling, car travel and toilet training. He could live with another dog once they are not too full on.

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How rehoming works

Thank you for your interest in Bruno, who is based at Dublin. Please note this is not a reservation on this dog. To start the rehoming process you will need to go to a rehoming centre for a quick chat. Please find information below about what to expect during the rehoming process. We hope to see you soon.

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Ashbourne Road
Dublin 11

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Opening times

Our Rehoming Centre is temporarily closed to the general public until further notice.


Lo call – 1890 252 928

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