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About Lara

All Ireland
Collie: ( All Breeds )
2 to 5 Years

About me

Im a very uncertain and worried girl. Im not used to home life at all, and Im not used to people. I do really want to learn, though, I just need someone sympathetic and kind to help me and to take things very slowly. Food is the best way to build a bond with me.

Type of home needed

I need a special adult only home, in a quiet area, where I can ease in to my new life slowly and gently. If you have experience with nervous dogs, that would be great, but the main thing I need is patience, love and understanding. I need my space because I dont like handling, and I need a secure garden where I can spend time and get some exercise. I could live with a calm, neutered male dog.

More about me

972274200278331 Lara can be rehomed in Leinster, Connacht or Munster

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How rehoming works

This dog is part of our Regional Rehoming Project and is not in our Dublin rehoming centre. If you are interested in adopting this dog please click HERE to see how this process works and to complete a home finding questionnaire.