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About Mini

Terrier: Cairn
8+ Years

About me

I might be a smallie, but I am also noisy. This is great if you need to know that theres someone at the door, but Ill also tell you if theres a dog approaching, or a pigeon on the roof or a phone ringing on the TV, so be prepared for that. I am shy with new people and in new situations, but Im affectionate and loyal with people I love.

Type of home needed

Im looking for an adult only home with a secure back garden where I can pootle about and play safely, and where I cant see so many things to shout at. I would like to meet you a few times before I come for a visit so we can see if we get on. I would like to be the only pet in the home, please, but Im OK with other dogs out and about. Even though Im a small, mature girl, Im very active, so I will need plenty of games and regular walks to keep me happy.

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