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About Flora

2 to 5 Years

About me

Flora is a very special lady and is looking for a very special family to care for her. This beautiful girl has been through a lot and as a result find's it very hard to trust people, she is also frightened of everything. She has formed some special bonds here with her careers and the difference in her when they are around is magical.

Type of home needed

Flora needs a very understanding family who will give her the time she needs to learn to trust them. Ideally you would have a secure back garden, in a quite area where she will feel safe and grow in confidence. She would also need an adult only home and ideally another dog to help her settle in and learn to trust you.

More about me

972274200380869Flora was one of our mammies and she was a brilliant one at that. All her babies have found their forever homes but Flora is still waiting ..

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How rehoming works

Thank you for your interest in Flora. Please note this is not a reservation on this dog. To start the rehoming process please complete a Home Finding Questionnaire by clicking HERE.

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