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About Bess

Collie: ( All Breeds )
2 to 5 Years

About me

I have been through a lot already, and it has made me quite worried by new things and people, I feel more confident with calm, quite people. I prefer to just have one or two people around and to come to them on my own terms. I know that I am a work in progress, but when I feel secure, I am a contented, happy girl and a great companion.

Type of home needed

I need a home with just one or two adults in it, with few visitors and no other pets, please. If you had experience of nervous dogs, that would be a big help. It would also be great if you could be around most of the time to help me gain confidence. To really come out of myself and relax, I would prefer to live in a quiet area. I will need a secure garden too, because I love to play!

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