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Recycle and help raise funds for our puppies and dogs!

In Ireland alone, many thousands of printer cartridges are thrown away and as many mobiles are left, unwanted, each year!

Every cartridge thrown away could be feeding a dog for a week and every mobile left in a drawer could purchase much needed veterinary equipment.

Help us by starting a cartridge recycling scheme at work. In partnership with leading electronic waste management company Reclaim-it, we can now pick up laser and inkjet cartridges and mobile phones from places of work all over Ireland. Each empty cartridge or old phone is worth money, so you can donate to Dogs Trust whilst providing an environmental solution for the recycling of these important items.


To request a collection please email [email protected]

You can see which products are accepted by clicking the below links:

Phone recycling product list PDF 104 KB

Printer product list PDF 186 KB