Your guide to fundraising for us

Everything you need to know about fundraising for us, how we'll support you to help improve the lives of dogs.

A fundraiser runs the Scottish Half Marathon wearing a Dogs Trust running top

We couldn't do any of the brilliant work we do without the kindness and generosity of dog lovers everywhere. It's thanks to your support that we are able to help the dogs who need us. 

Challenge yourself 

You can put the fun in fundraising with exciting and challenging physical events, like cross-country runs, skydives and long-distance cycles. You can even do some of these events with your four-legged friend!

Find a challenge or running event for you down below!

Challenge events

We’re grateful for every euro raised by amazing supporters. Discover how you can raise vital funds to support our work by raising your heart rate too.

Running events

We have the running event for you! Each year, hundreds of our amazing supporters get active and raise vital funds to support our work.  


Fundraising at work 

Nothing brings teams together quite like a bake sale! Discover some of our top ideas for fundraising in the workplace. 

  • Dress down day. Trade the power suit for a tracksuit for a day. 
  • Bring your dog to work day. But first, make sure you and your colleagues know how to prepare your dog to go to work with you.
  • Bake sale. Why not take some dog-friendly bakes for the dog owners?
  • Dress in Dogs Trust yellow. It looks good on everyone. Trust us. 
  • Hold a raffle. Your colleagues could donate prizes to be won. 
  • Sponsor a colleague. How much tea can they really make?

Other ways of fundraising 

Celebration giving

Are you having a special birthday party or anniversary this year? Make your day extra special by raising funds for our pawsome friends. Contact our Fundraising team to request collection boxes and gift envelopes today.

Weddings favours

Support our work to help dogs on your special day with our unique wedding favours. As you choose your menu, table decorations and colour schemes, go one step further to personalise your day by choosing to make a donation to us on behalf of all of your guests.


Wedding favours
Wedding favours

Top tips for fundraising sustainably

We're encouraging all of our supporters to fundraise with us in the most sustainable way possible so we can protect our planet for humans and animals alike. 

  • Recycling. Ensure that there is a recycling option at your event and that it is accessible and clearly labelled with what can - and can’t be, recycled. Try to only use items at your event you know can be recycled, and encourage all to clean the items before they pop them in the recycling bin. 
  • Plastic-free. We know that plastic is bad for the environment, particularly for animals. We are striving to eliminate any single-use plastics from our events, such as straws, water bottles and cutlery in favour of recyclable items. 
  • Paper-free. Use digital for invitations, handouts and tickets instead of printed ones where possible.
  • Make it reusable and don't laminate it. Opt for unlaminated signage as laminated paper can't be recycled. Make signage generic so it can be used time and time again for future events. 
  • Ask the venue for their sustainability info. Using an external venue may mean some sustainability practices will be out of your control, but you can ask them about their own sustainability practices around recycling, plastic usage, energy usage (do they use renewable energy to power the venue?) and their food waste policy before working with them. 
  • Food/beverage. Meat consumption is one of the biggest drivers of the climate crisis, so we recommend that all events are vegetarian, or vegan. This also makes an event more inclusive for those who have a meat-free diet.
  • Source locally. Try to source locally organic-grown produced food and drink and reduce food waste from the event. Think about what you would do with any leftover food – can it be donated to a local homeless shelter or food bank?
  • Transport. Encourage people to use public transport where possible. If you think many will drive to your event, can you encourage a car-sharing service?
  • Incentives for going green. Reward your guests for green initiatives. Those who car share can get priority parking, or a free raffle ticket for everyone using public transport.

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