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Follow Simpson's Tale in this year's Vhi Women's Mini Marathon

Hi there! My name is Simpson and I’m a super, 7 year old Lab cross! If you’re looking to be the buddy of a clever clogs then look no further! I was once a bit of a shy guy but I am not afraid to say I’m now one of the brightest dogs at the Rehoming Centre. My Canine Carers worked with me to overcome my quirks and shyness with fun games and plenty of training – all to keep this busy mind active!

I am not a dog who seeks a lot of pets and cuddles so my Forever Home would need to take life at a gentleman’s pace and give me the space I can need. That doesn’t mean I don’t love people though! I have made the most amazing bonds with my Canine Carers. I am awfully fond of them! The quickest way to my heart though is through food. I am part Labrador of course!

If you are a bright spark then you must join #TeamSimpson



Why should you choose to run (walk or jog!) for Dogs Trust?

The health and happiness of every dog is at the heart of Dogs Trust and all of our work. Dog Trust never destroys a healthy dog. But we cannot do this alone. Dogs Trust receives no Government funding so we need dog lovers like you to help fund our life saving work. Support from dog lovers like you, enables us to care for thousands of stray and abandoned dogs and puppies throughout the year and find them loving Forever Homes.

Our Rehoming Centre finds new homes for the vast majority of the dogs in our care and typically the average stay for a dog at Dogs Trust is approximately 96 days. However, some of our dogs can be with us for much, much longer. Dogs like Navy, Simpson and Wevs, who through no fault of their own, sometimes suffer with behavioural or health problems and therefore find it a bit more difficult to find their Forever Home. We continue to work with these dogs for as long as it takes and strive to find them their happy ending with the perfect loving family who understands their needs.

Taking part in events such as the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon raises vital funds for long term residents. Over the course of the next few months we’ll be posting regular updates from the lads to help you along the way! Your chosen top dog will be howling you on too* and providing you with all the inspiration that you need to cross the finish line! Be sure to share your progress with us and if you have a four-legged friend perhaps they’ll enjoy getting stuck into the training with you!