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99k for Canines Fundraising Tips!

99k for canines challenge phot   Thank you for taking part in the Dogs Trust Ireland 99k for Canines Challenge and for setting up a Facebook Fundraiser!

We want to help make your fundraiser a huge success so here’s some simple but effective tips to follow:

1) Make sure the end date of your fundraiser is set to September 3rd. They are set to end after 2 weeks unless you edit the end date!

To edit your end date click:


- Click on your fundraiser.- Click 'edit'- Click 'end date' and select September 3rd.

- Then make sure to click 'save' on the top right hand corner.

2) Update the fundraising page title with your name and your dog’s name - like 'Helen and Mylo's 99km for Canines August Walking Challenge'

3) Tell people why you’re taking part! Update the description of your page to help explain to friends and family that you and your dog are committing to walk 99km in August in aid of Dogs Trust! Ask them to support you too!

4) Add posts and photo updates to your page! The more you post the more your friends and family will see your progress.

5) If you have an Instagram account too, add your fundraising page URL to your Instagram bio and ask your friends to pop over to your fundraiser to support you! If your Instagram is linked to your Facebook, there should be a 'fundraiser' sticker available on your Instagram stories!

6) Share weekly progress updates on your fundraiser! See our 25km/50km/75km reached images at the end of this page!

7) Click the 'share' button on your fundraiser to see the many different ways you can share your fundraiser!

How to edit the end date of your fundraiser

Update on your progress milestones by sharing the below photos on your fundraiser!

Content to post on your Facebook Fundraiser to share with friends and family!





Instagram story updates