First nights with a new puppy

The first night in your home can be daunting for a puppy. Here's how to make it easy and stress-free for them.

Labrador puppies, inside, sleeping, at Shoreham rehoming centre

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be daydreaming of getting back into bed from the moment you have to drag yourself out of it in the morning.

Getting 40 winks is so important for not only you, but your pup too. And the more sleep they get, the more sleep you get.

Here’s our advice to ensure your pup, and everyone in your household, is fully rested and ready for the day’s adventures.

Sleep, glorious sleep

Just like us, if your puppy has a full day of activities , they’re much more likely to get a good night’s rest. So, when they’re not napping, keep their brain and body engaged with walkies, playtime, and short, fun training sessions to give them plenty to dream about.

Evening routines can also help prepare your puppy for a good night’s sleep, and if you tend to do the same types of activities every night, your puppy will learn what to expect.

Help your puppy switch off by getting rid of unnecessary distractions. Shutting the curtains and keeping any activities quiet and calm will help get them ready to catch some z’s.

When pups are growing tired, they might suddenly appear to be very energetic and dash about the house. This is often called the ‘zoomies’. It’s easy to assume their sudden burst of energy means they need more exercise, but in reality, they probably just need a good kip.

Puppy ‘me time’

There’s a good chance your puppy is used to sleeping with littermates, so they may take some time getting used to having their own bed.

Planning ahead and taking things slowly are key to making them comfortable while they settle into their new surroundings.

There are a couple of different ways to get them used to sleeping alone , and both start with creating a safe, secure place for them to rest.

Having a crate to retreat to is invaluable for some pooches, so it’s worth checking out our advice on crate training too.

The two most common techniques for getting your pup comfortable in their own bed are

  1. Start with their bed in your bedroom. Slowly move it further away every few nights until it’s where your pup will usually be sleeping.
  2. Have your puppy’s bed where you prefer it to be and have a sleepover near them. Gradually move your temporary bed away from them every few nights until you’re in your own room.

It will take some time before your puppy can make it through the night without needing a toilet break, so be prepared to let them out regularly. Every puppy is different and will need varying amounts of time until they’re comfortable sleeping alone. Just go at your puppy’s pace and you’ll all be sleeping sound before long.

Want more puppy care advice?

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