Day one with a new puppy

Here's how to ensure your puppy settles in and is comfortable during their first few days in your home.

Staffordshire bull terrier puppy, inside, leeds

The day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Your puppy is ready to come to their new home. We know this can be an exciting, and somewhat anxious time. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our top tips to make sure your puppy’s first day at home goes as smoothly as possible.

Puppy proofing

From your puppy’s point of view, anything they can reach is theirs. So, before you bring them home, move anything you don’t want them getting at out of reach. That means shoes, boardgames and the dodgy jumper your nana got you from Spain (thanks, nana).

You should also move or cover anything dangerous, such as plugs, wires and anything sharp. Baby gates are super helpful for keeping your little ball of energy out of places you don’t want them.

Proper puppy proofing will help to develop good habits from day one and save you from a lot of hassle down the line.

Taking things slowly

The first day in a new house can be overwhelming for a little pup - it’s important to let them go at their own pace.

Remember that this is probably their first time away from mum, and new experiences can be scary for your little pal. Don’t have too much planned in the first few days to give them a chance to settle in before going on any adventures.

Letting them explore one room at a time will allow your pup to process all the sights, smells and sounds of your home without becoming overwhelmed.

With a bit of patience, they’ll be trotting around the house and lounging about like they own the place in no time.

Snacks and naps

Try to find out what food they’re used to eating, and what time they usually eat. Sticking with the same food and eating schedule for the first few days will help them ease into their new life.

You can then slowly introduce any new foods you’d like to use.

Set their bed up in a cosy, quiet area so they have somewhere to rest if things get a bit much. If they retreat to their bed, it’s important to give them some space. This will let them safely recharge and leave them ready to take on the world.

Toilet training

Start toilet training from day one.

Let them out regularly and reward them every time they go to the toilet outside. Make sure to not disturb them while they’re doing their business, only reward them when they’re finished.

Accidents are bound to happen in the beginning, but don’t shout at, or punish them in any way as they won’t understand why. Instead, simply clean the mess up and keep rewarding them when they go to the toilet outside.

Check out our toilet training advice for further help.

Having fun with your new pup

Even though they’ve had a big day, there’s a big chance they’ll still want to play with you (they are a puppy, after all). Having some toys ready will help you connect and stop them from seeking out other things to chew, like your shoes.

We’re so pleased you’re ready to welcome a new dog into your life, and we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

Want more puppy care advice?

Now is the ideal time to start planning for your pup’s future. Secure your place on one of our reward-based training classes today. Check out our Dog School to find classes near you.

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