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Underdog Janice Finds Love After Two and a Half Year Wait

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we're sharing a love story with a difference. One of our “Underdogs” - an affectionate term we use for our long-term dogs - has been adopted after patiently waiting for 897 days.

Janice, a seven-year-old Pitbull cross, arrived into our rehoming centre in Finglas in March 2021. Despite melting the hearts of all the staff here with her adorable ways, including bringing her ‘comfort toy’ on her walks to help her feel safe, Janice’s fear of unfamiliar men became an obstacle to her being adopted.

We began to search for a home with a female adopter with an interest in building up Janice’s confidence to give her the best chance of settling in and showing her true personality.

Then, in August of last year Thelma Boylan, an experienced dog owner, called us with the view of adopting a dog that had been in our care a while, one who needed extra love and attention.

Thelma Boylan, Janice’s adopter, explains: “When I met Janice, it was love at first sight. I couldn’t believe this sweet, precious little lady had waited in Dogs Trust for so long, but I’m so happy that I get to be the one to give her a second chance at life. Our bond was instantaneous, and I knew that I was going to bring her home as soon as I could. We spent some time together in Dogs Trust first to make sure Janice was ready to take the next big step in her journey with me. Following a home visit, we decided Janice was ready to sleep over, and we haven’t looked back since. I’m so proud of all the progress she has made since coming to live with me and I look forward to lots of happy years and making memories together.”

Now Janice is enjoying her new life, happily pottering around her garden in County Monaghan and snuggling on the sofa with her adopter every evening.

Corina Fitzsimons, PR & Communications Manager at Dogs Trust Ireland continues: “Janice is a little lovebug who we all adore and it makes us so happy she’s finally found the perfect home where she can be her true self and shower her adopter with love and affection. Waving one of our Underdogs off to their forever homes is the best feeling in the world. We want every dog in our care to find a home as quickly as possible but in this case, it definitely was worth the wait for our little JanJan.”

With over 230 dogs to care for, we are appealing to the public to consider ‘Sponsoring a Dog’ as a gift for the special dog lover in their life so we can continue to care for dogs like Janice who may take longer to find their special someone.

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