Dogs Trust

Publication of Register of Sellers and Suppliers of Pet Animals

We welcome the publication of the register of Sellers and Suppliers of Pet Animals on the Department website. Transparency and verification of sellers are key tools in the fight against unscrupulous sellers, and this is a step in the right direction.

However, it has been over a year since the new rules for selling dogs were brought in and non-compliance remains rampant. For example, every advertisement of a dog should have the registration number of the seller/supplier (if selling six or more pets in a calendar year), the Dog Breeding Establishment Number (if in possession of six or more female dogs who are capable of breeding); the age, country of origin and the unique code of the microchip implanted in the dog. This is clearly not the case.

The only way to ensure the rules stand the test of time is adequate enforcement and more joined up thinking between the selling platforms, the government and sellers. For example, an instant and verifiable mechanism for buyers to check the microchip number of the dog for sale will give the public confidence they are not buying a dog under false pretence.