Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust Ireland statement following BBC Scotland’s under cover investigation into puppy farms.

What is most disheartening and almost beyond belief is that the premises highlighted in the programme were registered and approved by the relevant authority in N Ireland. Dogs Trust are aware that such facilities also exist in the Republic of Ireland and that they have been allowed to carry on this vile trade due to a lack of enforcement of what is already light dog breeding legislation. 

Dogs Trust as Ireland's largest dog welfare organisation is actively working with all stakeholders to protect the welfare of animals both at source and to further safe guard their welfare when advertised for sale. Dogs Trust works with like minded animal welfare charities to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome puppies and dogs removed from Irish puppy farms.

Yesterday (15th April) a collaborative group of leading Irish animal welfare organisations, representatives from the veterinary profession and websites advertising pets for sale launched the ground breaking and progressive IPAAG Minimum Standards. (Irish Pet Advertising Advisory Group). This major initiative will improve the welfare of the thousands of pets advertised online on a weekly basis.