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Dogs Trust launches PuppyCam with ‘MidWuffs’ PJ Gallagher and Jim McCabe

Today sees the launch of PuppyCamwhich will stream live footage from our dedicated Mutternity Ward every Friday from 3pm via

We want to highlight the volume of puppies and their Mums we care for in our Rehoming Centre in Finglas and also to ask the general public to consider adopting a puppy rather than buying as there are so many in need of loving homes and available to adopt.

Our state of the art Mutternity Ward opened in 2014 and cares for approximately 500 puppies each year providing veterinary care, socialisation and most importantly, the loving care and support to get these puppies up on their paws and ultimately into their forever homes.

Radio Presenters PJ Gallagher and Jim McCabe rolled up their sleeves, donned some very fetching boiler suits (for infection control purposes) and became ‘MidWuffs’ helping to clean kennels and look after dog moms and their puppies.

While it might sound like the best job in the world to spend all day working with puppies, it’s not as easy as you might think!

Speaking at the launch of "PuppyCam", PJ Gallagher and JimMcCabe said: "We are both huge dog lovers and one of PJ’s dogs; Lylo is from Dogs Trust, so we were delighted to be asked to be MidWuffs for the day. It sounds like the ideal job, to be surrounded by cute puppies all day but it’s really hard work cleaning up after them and keeping their kennels clean…..they poo a lot!"

Executive Director Suzie Carley added: "Many people are not aware that we generally have puppies as well as adult dogs available for adoption and will go online to buy a puppy before looking in rescue centres first.  This is something we hope that PuppyCam will change!

We have amazing Puppy Carers who work incredibly hard every day to look after the Moms and puppies in our care to ensure they are safe, warm, clean, loved and fully prepared for their Forever Homes.

Puppies are of course extremely appealing, which can sometimes result in an emotional and snap decision to purchase online, we always advise people to spend time considering the huge commitment of getting a dog. The average dog lives to be 13 years of age, and requires lots of your time, company and there is also the financial commitment to consider, so please call into our Rehoming Centre in Finglas to chat to our team if you are considering getting a dog or a puppy.

Most importantly, if you adopt a dog or puppy from Dogs Trust, we offer free behaviour advice for the rest of the dog’s life!"

What better way to finish up the working week than tuning in every Friday at 3pm to #DogsTrustPuppyCam to keep track of the work going on in Dogs Trust?

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What to Consider if getting a puppy:


Having a bouncy, happy, playful puppy is a very enjoyable experience. However it is also a big commitment, demanding in time, money and care. Remember, a puppy will grow into a dog and will be with you for many years to come.

Before you bring home a new puppy, you should ask yourself whether you are the right human for your furry friend! Will a dog or puppy fit in well with your family? Have you or your children got allergies? Do your children know how to ‘Be Dog Smart’. Do you have any other pets? Will they get on with a new dog or puppy?

You will need:


Dogs can live to be 12 years of age or older – are you ready for such a big commitment? They need to be walked, most for at least 30 minutes twice a day. Dogs need your company and don’t enjoy spending time on their own for very long. Puppies need training, have you time for this?


Can you afford to look after a dog? Your dog will need dog food, a bed, toys, vaccinations, to be neutered, a collar and lead, grooming, vet checks and possible emergency procedures that could cost over €1,500. You may want to consider pet insurance which could cost over €200 a year.


Puppies are small and cuddly but grow bigger every day. Carefully choose a dog breed according to the space you have in your house and garden. If you rent your home now and have to move, will your new landlord permit pets? Are you comfortable with the possibility of having items chewed and dog hair in your home?