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Protect the welfare of Irish greyhounds; Dogs Trust presents to Oireachtas Agriculture Committee

Dogs Trust Executive Director, Suzie Carley, will today present to the Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine on the General Scheme of the Greyhound Industry Bill. The charity will propose a number of amendments to the Bill to protect Irish greyhounds.

One of the charity's key proposals centres around the grave concerns which have been raised both nationally and internationally about the export of Irish greyhounds to countries with poor or non-existent animal welfare legislation and standards, such as Macau, in China ,Pakistan and Argentina.

One such case which was highlighted in national and international media in May of last year, when 24 Irish greyhounds were stopped at Heathrow Airport whilst being exported to Macau due to transport regulations not being met. The Yat Yeun Canidrome in Macau is cited as the most deplorable racing track in the world where loud music is played on race nights to drown out the cries of the hundreds of greyhounds housed there.The track provides little space for greyhounds to turn around in their steel cages, or veterinary services for dogs when they become injured. This is one of the reasons the dogs are destroyed, often in the most cruel and inhuman ways. Ultimately, no dog retires or leaves the Canidrome.

The largest dog welfare charity in Ireland and Europe, Dogs Trust are proposing an amendment to the Greyhound Industry Bill which if adopted, will allow for welfare members of the International Greyhound Forum; Dogs Trust, ISPCA, The Irish Blue Cross, PAWS and representatives from the veterinary profession along with the Irish Greyhound Board to produce a draft list of countries which meet minimum standards with regard to the welfare of greyhounds and to which licenced export of greyhounds from Ireland is permissible.

Suzie Carley, Executive Director at Dogs Trust said:
'Dogs Trust believes the pre-legislative scrutiny of the Greyhound Industry Bill to be timely following huge concerns expressed by the general public and national and international animal welfare organisations about the export of Irish greyhounds to the Yat Yuen Canidrome in Macau last year. We consider such exports to be ill-advised and a massive step backwards in achieving a well regulated and safe environment for greyhounds both in Ireland and elsewhere in the world. 

We strongly believe in the need for implementation of additional statutory measures to prevent such exports taking place in the future. Dogs Trust hopes the committee will support this amendment and look forward to working with the welfare members of the International Greyhound Forum and the Irish Greyhound Board in establishing the proposed ‘white list’ of countries to which greyhounds can be exported”

Notes to editors

There are currently 21 greyhounds at Dogs Trust, seeking their forever homes. 

Dogs Trust has been working in Ireland since 2005 and its mission is to bring an end to the destruction of stray and abandoned dogs through a national responsible dog ownership campaign, including a subsidised neutering and microchipping campaign and an education programme.

There are currently 176 dogs and puppies in total at Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, including 21 greyhounds, awaiting their forever homes.

Dogs Trust is working towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.

Dogs Trust has a non destruction policy; we never destroy a healthy dog.

The Centre is based at: 
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